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Weave + Co is now home to designer bags, especially our now famous Tote Bag, and coveted towels.

We started this journey in 2018 and every year continue to grow and develop our brand offering. What began as an idea to provide functional, fashionable and stylish bags has quickly grown into a lifestyle brand delivering everyday necessities for today’s lifestyle.

Inspired by their own busy lives, a tribe of 3 nature loving, life living ladies with New Zealand and Scandi decent had a need to create solutions for likeminded people.

Together we are constantly evolving our collection of New Zealand designed and imported products with consideration for what insights show that people just like us need in their lives, with a consistent thought as to how we can be more gentle on the planet.

We created Bags that are Reusable, so kinder on the environment, and Water resistant making them the practical choice.

The size of our bags came from relentless testing to ensure we would deliver the perfect bag for Beach, Shopping, Travel and more.

Our print design for our bags have a New Zealand and global influence, but our biggest influence for our Bag design has always been nature.

We have created Totes and Clutches

– Reusable, so kinder on the environment

– Water resistant and washable making them the practical choice

– Perfect sizes for Beach, Shopping, Travel and more -In exclusive designs that are on trend and work well with most outfits

Our Commitment to the environment

Re-duce Re-use & Re-cycle

Did you know that the people who makes the biggest difference are the once who do little things consistantly!
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About Us

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