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Medlands Turkish Towel

Our Weave + Co Turkish Towels are all named after famous beaches. Medlands Beach is situated at the south eastern end of Great Barrier Island in New Zealand. Medlands Beach, a wine glass shaped bay, faces north-east and it’s stretches of white sand can take a pounding from the surf when the Pacific Ocean swells pay a visit. Grab your Weave + Co Medlands Turkish Towel and a glass of wine and stretch out and enjoy life.


The Weave+Co 100% Cotton Turkish Towel

•Lifestyle loving Cotton thick yet soft Turkish towel

•Handwoven tassels


85 (W) x 170cm (L)


A: 700gsm/pc


To get the most out of your Turkish towel, let it soak in cold water for about 12 hours before you wash it for the first time. We suggest throwing it in your tub to soak overnight. This allows the cotton fibers to bloom and expand, ensuring maximum absorbency and softness. Wring the towel and let it hang dry.


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