Weave+Co Clutch

You wont be clutching at straws with the Weave + Co Clutch in your life. This bag so useful you will wonder how you lived with out one. Whether you’re in need of a bag to stash life’s little necessities at the beach, for travel or work, the Weave + Co Clutches are right at home in any of these occasions including a night out at the local cocktail bar. Easy wipe clean, and embellished with a decorative leather strap. Designed to be just the right size.
The Weave + Co Clutches come in 3 fashionable designs. Aztec, Leaf, and Floral.


“Loving my new Weave + Co Tote. It looks great, easy to grab, easy to clean, doesn’t matter if it gets mucky as can be wiped off easily.”
Jenny D

“I purchased the Leaf Tote. It looks good and I love that it is water resistant. Its big enough to carry all my gear without being cumbersome”
Amanda C

“The Weave + Co Floral Clutch is such a pretty design, i got so many compliments that I went and ordered the Tote which has been perfect for replacing grocery bags and for carrying my towels to the beach.”
Penny G

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